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2023 Summer Season

Sphere on Spiral Stairs

Software Engineering Internship

Design scalable and testable cloud-powered software solutions capable of functioning in high-risk, remote, and secure environments.

Full Stack Web Development Internship

Form elegant websites boosting information accessibility through building reliable, cleanly-documented, and secure front-end and back-end solutions.


Machine Learning Internship

Develop web, mobile, and desktop machine learning-powered applications with object detection, natural language processing, and deep learning capabilities.

Graphic Design Internship

Utilize industry-standard design software to create illustrations, logos, and pamphlets that adhere to media standards and specifications.


Summer of 2023

At Tech For Good, we strive to provide high-quality internship opportunities to those getting started in the fields of software engineering, machine learning, web development, and graphic design.

We host internship seasons where students can join us and learn essential industry skills while developing solutions to help the world. We aim to prepare our interns for their future endeavors and offer a variety of different positions to fit any skillset.

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Solution Generatron

Work with an array of passionate people to brainstorm viable solutions to problems that impact millions of people around the world. Practical and innovative solutions are eligible to join Tech For Good Inc's Internship program as a project.

Past ideas include Re-Right, a human rights application that provides a platform for human rights survivors, and Cryptonate, a smart-contract-powered accountability software for charities and small businesses.

Weekly Exploratrons

Each week, interns showcase their progress to Tech For Good's entire intern community. Receive helpful feedback by a diverse collection of individuals with different backgrounds, experiences, and expertise.​

Get inspired by other projects and learn new techniques, architectures, and organizational strategies to apply into your own work. Have the chance to build your public speaking and interpersonal communication skills while presenting.


Alumni Talkatrons

Listen to career development advice from a wide array of past interns that are currently employed by top companies and nonprofits. Hear about their difficulties and successes in navigating the job process, building resumes, and making a positive first impression when interviewing.

Learn about our alumni's experiences with Tech For Good and how they maximized their learning and impact during their internship season. And, with Q&A sessions, ask tailored questions to your most pressing inquiries.

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Ally Petitt — Summer of 2021

"Interning at TFG has given me the opportunity to expand my skillset and see the larger picture of project development. When I first joined, I had no idea what cloud computing was or how to leverage 3rd party services. By the end, I didn't just leave with new skills, I left with a new perspective. I learned what it meant to be a compassionate leader. At TFG, the idea of always looking after your teammates and using your voice to amplify theirs was something that was strongly emphasized. This organization was founded upon beliefs of equality, innovation, and teamwork. I was always encouraged to share new ideas and when I did, I knew that I was being listened to. Impact is another point that must not go unrecognized. I knew that by helping to build Flant, I was contributing to a project that would potentially reach thousands of people. Even though I have only seen the beginning phases of building the project, I had confidence that it will be able to help the people who need it the most. I can say that after my internship here, I am a better problem solver, leader, and most importantly, learner. The greatest value I received was not from the specific technical skills that I learned here, but the change in my approach to learning future skills, setting me up for success in the years to come. Thank you, TFG, for this unforgettable experience."

Lane Rogers — Summer of 2021

"In many ways, TFG is an incomparable place to work. Working at a non-profit is a meaningful experience, the rewards of which cannot be quantified. While I seldom felt like an expert within the context of the project on which I worked, I cannot understate the things I learned and the expertise I gained during this internship session. I anticipate that the connections and knowledge I gained at TFG will be assets for a long time to come. Additionally, what sets a TFG internship apart from an industry position is the awareness of how meaningful your work truly is. The opportunity to aid in the completion of projects that may truly improve the world cannot be underestimated. Participating in a non-profit is about learning and growth, which is what TFG is all about. By nature, the work can be disorganized and occasionally frustrating, but I know that I am an improved mathematician as well as an improved person for having participated in this internship session. If you are interested in participating in an internship session, I highly encourage you to take advantage of the opportunity at your fingertips."

Jin Li — Summer of 2021

"Working at Tech For Good is fantastic. I was so lost when I just graduated, and I [was] not confident in my tech skills. It was a great pleasure that I got to know Tech For Good and the opportunity to join the team. The atmosphere is pretty nice, everyone here is very friendly, and everyone is trying to teach each other, learn new things, and build exciting stuff. Here, your manager [gives] you a skeleton, and you are responsible for the rest of it. It is fantastic that you can control the direction and implementation of specific applications and take responsibility. No one is looking down upon anyone, no matter how old/young you are. This experience helped me a lot and gave me time to get along with more of the technologies that I've been curious about for a long time. I hope TFG can go further and bigger in the future. The company and what the company is doing are worth more."

Nicolas Prate — Summer of 2021

"Coming into this internship, I hoped to familiarize myself with react-native and programming in a more professional environment; I did not plan on seeking out a leadership position, but boy am I glad things worked out the way they did! During my time as project lead for Re-Right and team lead for front end, I gained vast experience in manageable goal creation and task delegation, as well as keeping a group up to date and on track to accomplish said goals and tasks. Simultaneously, I was also able to fulfil my initial goals with react-native and company programming and now feel much more confident both as a leader and as a react-native programmer. On top of all that, the work being done for project Re-Right, and TFG as a whole, is extremely rewarding and makes me feel like I have and am using my skills to better the world! Truly, there is little more one could hope to gain from any internship experience!"

Haley Orlofske — Summer of 2021

"Overall, my time at Tech for Good Inc. was an amazing opportunity that provided me with a plethora of applicable, real-world experience in the machine learning field. I was pushed and challenged to work on things I had little experience with, but still given ample time to learn everything required to be successful. The internship truly was what you made of it. Further, the team format helped me become familiar and comfortable with working closely with others in a professional setting. I will take everything I learned at Tech for Good with me into my career and beyond."

Zeel Patel — Summer of 2021

"This summer internship season has been a roller coaster ride in terms of learning and implementing the ideas on the project but with the safety of proper management, required resources, and comfortable communication. This experience has opened my mind to greater aspects of life that rise above the ordinary. It has been my pleasure to be a machine learning intern at Tech For Good Inc. and I'm looking forward to a future with the same enthusiasm and zeal which I received here."

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