We use Technology to Help People

Making the World a Better Place - One Line of Code at a Time

1,400+ People Helped

12 Programs

Service in 4 Countries

300+ Volunteers

What We Do

We build technology solutions for underrepresented communities. From implementing internet access devices in rural communities to developing live-saving weapon defense systems, we hope to use technology to impact every life for the better.



How We Do It

Cutting Edge Technology

We update existing projects with new technologies as they become available and volunteers are encouraged to experiment with new technologies to facilitate innovation.

Reliable Engineering

Every production-level update is inspected numerous times before being pushed out and is constantly monitored for issues. Our support staff works around the clock to ensure uptime for all services.

Community Parternships

Utilizing local community partnerships for implementation allows the people who know the community's problems best to make sure our solutions are implemented in the most beneficial way.

Complete Accountability

To increase transparency, weekly office hours are open to the public and allow donors and supporters to learn more about our projects and priorities. Quarterly financial reports are also made available to the public.

Tech For Good Nigeria


How do I access office hours?

Office hours are conducted via Webex Meetings at 7PM EST every friday. For the best experience, please download the webex meetings app before proceeding. Meeting link: http://go.tfginc.org/office-hours
Webex Meeting Number: 2530 855 4307
Webex Meeting Password: ydM7EzHur33 Join by phone: +1-650-479-3208 Access code: 253 085 54307

How can I get involved?

If you have a passion for helping people or have a knack for technology, we have a place for you! For open positions, please email: info@techforgoodinc.org For donations, please visit: http://go.tfginc.org/donate

I have an idea for a project

We love hearing about new ideas for projects. If you work with a community that you think we can help, please send us an email at: info@techforgoodinc.org Alternatively, you can also join our office hours and dicuss your idea there: go.tfginc.org/office-hours

I'd like to sponsor or partner with Tech For Good Inc

For sponsorship or partnership inquiries, please email us at info@techforgoodinc.org